SPS Magic

Top Hat Treasury of Magical Family Entertainers

Steve Kissell

A unique book of advice, wit, and wisdom from some of the top family entertainers in the business. Steve Kissell has collected interviews, routines, and photos from seventeen kid-show and family performers. Alphabetically, they are Trixie Bond, Ron Conley, Mark Daniel, David Ginn, Greg Hamilton, Dave Hill, Duane Laflin, Greg McMahan, Ralph Metzler, Barry Mitchell, Dave Mitchell, Danny Orleans, Dave Risley, Brad Ross, Ken Scott, Sammy Smith, and Steve Taylor.

These performers share their favorite routines, secrets to improving performances, magical goals for the next ten years, preparation before shows, and much more.

You'll find dozens of routines, articles, and ideas you can adapt and use. Plus, this large-format book is illustrated with over a hundred photographs and professional flyers. If you know some of these performers, brace yourself for their retro photos! Mark Daniel performing at a library in 1974 and David Ginn at age two are things you don't want to miss!

Over 200 large pages in a perfect-bound book with a BEAUTIFUL full-color cover. A wonderful addition to your collection, and a great educational resource.



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