SPS Magic

Show a picture of Super Frog wearing his bright red cape. Slide him into an envelope and hand it to a magic helper. Next show an empty envelope and give it to a second magic helper. Say the magic words and Super Frog will jump from one envelope to the otheror will he?

When the card is removed from the first envelope, Super Frog is gonea cut out area where he used to be is all that remains. You can see right through the card.

Did he jump to the other envelope? When you turn it over, theres no frog, but a little red silk cape tumbles out! He cant fly without his cape! You make the cape disappear, and the frogwearing his capeappears on the second helpers back!

Kids roar! Adults laugh! SUPER FROG is a hero, and youre a SUPER HERO!

A very cute, highly visual trick thats easy to perform. Printed in three colors, and very well made. Made to last!



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