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On Stage! Bringing Out the Better Performer in You

Samuel Patrick Smith

Whether you are performing on an actual stage…or in a living room…or at a table in a restaurant…On Stage! will help you be a better, more successful entertainer. For over 20 years, the author interviewed and studied dozens of outstanding performers. He used these principles himself in over 4,000 performances. And now this book will teach you how to use these techniques to leave a lasting impression.

Even more importantly, you’ll learn the key to making an audience like you. It doesn’t matter if they think you’re clever or talented—if they don’t like you, you’re not coming back!
Some of the Topics Covered in On Stage
• Making a professional entrance
• Learning to relax in front of an audience
• Why a relaxed attitude is better than artificial confidence
• Timing your gag lines
• How Burling Hull got a standing ovation from a 50-cent trick
• Breaking in new material
• Why you must replace some tricks
• Increase the dramatic impact of each trick
• How to let the audience know when to applaud
• Theatrical additives
• Surprisers vs. shockers
• Reluctant volunteers, step right up!
• Seven-point success pattern
• Levitating the art of magic
Since one of the keys to becoming a good performer is gaining experience, you’ll also find a section devoted to getting more bookings. (You may have a great act, but if you haven’t learned to promote that act, nobody will ever get a chance to see it!) You can read On Stage! in just one or two evenings at home, but what a difference it can make for the rest of your performing career!



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