SPS Magic

Magic Party Picture

Silly Billy

Turn any child in your audience into a magical artist!

Show a simple black and white drawing of a room ready for a birthday partyEXCEPT there are no balloons, no decorations, no presents, and the cake has no candles!

A volunteer writes his name across the cake, draws candles on the cake (the number of his age), and writes his age on a party hat, with different colored crayons of his choice.

The performer asks the child to hold the picture while everyone says the magic words. When the picture is turned around, balloons, presents, and decorations have appeared in full colorall on the childs drawing with his name and handwriting! The child keeps the magic drawing as a souvenir of the show!

Pure magic, no skill required, resets instantly. Includes the special gimmick, crayons, and supplies for 20 performances.

Inexpensive REFILLS available.


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