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Laughter Legacy

David Ginn

Based on Gene Gordons private notebooks, LAUGHTER LEGACY is packed with 1300 jokes, gags, one-liners, quips, remarks, and bits of comedy. Over 40 chapters of funny lines categorized for different situations and types of remarkskids, old age, television, travel, banquets, magic tricks, helpers on stage, and lots more.

The jokes in print may be humorousor not, depending on your personality. But as spoken lines in your show, at least some of them will make people laugh. At the price comedy writers charge for jokes, if you find one new line out of the 1300 in this book, youve got your moneys worth!

Here are some free samples:

Two silkworms had a race, but they ended up in a tie.

He eats so fast that he makes sparks come out of his knife and fork.

Keep your eyes open while I do this trick. You wont be able to see it if you dont.

As a child, I slept in a bed that was nine feet long. Thats a lot of bunk!

Why dont I do my act on TV? Hey, Im still trying to get it on radio!

Last night I got a flat tire. Didnt see the fork in the road.

And hundreds more! Yikes!

By the way, the man on the cover of the book is not David Ginn! Its just one example of the 50 odd and old-fashioned photos sprinkled throughout the book to make you look twice or even grin. Add to this a variety of Ed Harris cartoons and a professional hardbound cover, and this 224-page book turns out to be a real bargain.



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