SPS Magic

Crystal Tube (Magic Knot Tube)

SPS Magic

A beautiful effect for children or adults. It never fails to produce laughter, applause and surprise.

Three silks (real silk) are pushed into a clear tube. When the performer blows them out of the tube,the silks are magically tied together.

Amazing and easy to do! You get the tube, silks, gimmicks, plus Samuel Patrick Smith's printed routine, The Magic Knot Tube. The routine has nine different laugh-points, ranging from chuckles to belly laughs. You'll use it!


(Tip: Use the CRAYONS TO SCARF to produce the silks at the start of this trick. That starts the routine with a quick and flashy touch of magic.)

Both the Crayons To Scarf and the Crystal Tube routines are shown in the Magic Ingredient. This video also clearly gives instruction on both effects.



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