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Mark Daniel

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This is Mark Daniels Library Show! Librarians and parents love this show, and whether youre doing a birthday party, school show, or library, Mark will teach you some great routines to use as educational features.

Mark Daniel and his wife Tami are the celebrated founders of KIDabra International.

Mark's unique blend of books, magic, stories, and puppets creates one of the most unusual shows available.

Tricks and routines include Charlie the Caterpillar, Steggie the Dinosaur, Hot Book, Jasper the Friendly Ghost (based on a Sammy Smith routine), Vanishing Cookie, Baking Routine, Rabbit Production, and a great finish with paper butterflies.

This video is beautifully producedgreat camera work, wonderful close-ups, and terrific editing to give you the live concert feeling of having been there yourself!

Dont miss the chance to learn from Mark Daniels unique, gentle style which adults appreciate and kids love. 65 minutes, DVD.


Also available, Book Magic on VHS



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