SPS Magic

Baby Tail Spin

Samuel Patrick Smith

NEW! You asked for it! You got it!

Here's a walk-around or close-up version of our popular TAIL SPIN routine. Perfect for table-hopping, hospital work, or other walk-around situations. Also effective for smaller groups of children, such as birthday party shows in living rooms.

Using an exciting new process, BABY TAIL SPIN is beautifully printed in full color on heavy, high-gloss cards.

This hilarious prop is guaranteed to make kids snort and bray! They won't be able to keep their laughter "burro"-ed!

You show a picture of the cutest little ol' donkey you ever saw. But the poor fellow is missing his tail. Slide the donkey picture into an envelope with a large window. A child pretends to throw the tail, and when you pull out the donkey, the tail is stuck to his nose. His eyes are crossed and his ears bent back in surprise! Kids howl! It's not the helper's fault -- you know how stubborn donkeys are!

Put it back in, try again, and this time when you pull it out, the tail is completely gone. You look all around for it, and suddenly the kids scream their lungs out because the tail is hanging out of the back of your pants! Trust me on this, the children will weep with joy!

This bit of tomfoolery can be used in a variety of settings. Based on an idea by Edwin Hooper with a twist by Selina Frederick. Using Selina's wonderful artwork, TAIL SPIN is printed in full color on heavy boards with a high-gloss finish. You're bound to get a KICK out of this one!



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