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A Dozen Red Noses

Steve Kissell

In 12 chapters featuring some of the leading clowns in the business, funny man and professional crazy person, Steve Kissell, turned serious while he asked such questions as, "What has been your most gratifying moment in character?" "Do you have more than one character. If so, tell us about them." "What is your clown philosophy?" "What wisdom would you give to a First of May clown?" "What has surprised you the most about performing?" "How did you create your niche in the clown world?"

The book is also packed with favorite writings from many of the featured stars, with topics ranging from, "Do Clowns Belong in the Hospital?" to "Wacky Restaurant Routines." Letters from their friends are scattered throughout the book, along with many photos and illustrations. Join these outstanding clowns in A Dozen Red Noses: Dana and Jane Abendschein, Andy Anderson, Betty Cash, Angel Contreras, Ralph Dewey, Tony Jones, Steve Kissell (yes! He interviewed himself!), Sue Kleinwachter, Albert Lavender, Brenda Marshall, Marcela Murad, and Vince Pagliano.

A Bonus Chapter includes articles by Mark Wade, Sammy Smith, Mary Lostak, Claudia Rodriguez, Marty Hahne, Lanny Moody, Tom "Tom E Boy" King, Danny Orleans, Gary Elem, and Dave Risley.

Almost 200 large format pages (8.5 x 11) with a beautiful full-color cover.



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