SPS Magic

By Samuel Patrick Smith

1. Drop your weakest routine. Don't agonize over it: just quit doing it!

2. Work on your strongest routine. What do people like? Work to make it even better. If one routine gets a better reaction than anything else you do, there's a reason. It probably fits your skills and personality. Figure out what's wrong with your show, of course, but don't forget to study what's right.

3. Refresh your props. Does one of your props look worn? Replace it! 

4. Get a sound system so people can hear you. You may not always need it, but if you need it and don't have it---yikes!

5. Pack your prop case when you don't have a show. Some Saturday afternoon when you're not under any pressure and aren't getting ready for a show, remove all of the props from your case and repack everything. As you do, look at the props and routines you perform but without the time constraints which usually keep you from fixing what's wrong. It may be enlightening!


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