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A Personal Message from Sammy Smith
Dear Friend,
Back in 1982 when I graduated from college, I cast about for a way to earn an honest living. Not wanting the inconvenience of a nine-to-five job, I embarked on a career in magic.
Could I really make a living doing shows? Turns out, the answer was yes.  It wasn't long before I was booking 30 or more per month for a variety of venues. My record year was 436 shows. I decided to share what I had learned, and in 1984 and 1985 produced two audio courses: Booking Yourself and Make It Happen
The response was greater than I had imagined. People from around the world said the material helped them earn a full-time living doing what they loved to do. Others developed profitable part-time work on weekends. Just hearing the Booking Yourself process explained logically, step-by-step, inspired them to action.  
One performer wrote: "The small investment I made...I have received back hundreds of times already." From a successful cruise ship comedian: "I AM IMPRESSED! I expected them to be good but they are GREAT." A public speaker wrote: "Only about one out of every ten [books and audio programs] has that ring of truth to it, the sound of 'having been there.' Yours have that at all times." 
One ambitious teenager named Scott Humston heard my recordings and launched a successful career as a school show performer. Four thousand shows later, he's still going strong. And this brings me to the important news I want to share with you.
Recently Scott asked permission to produce an online course based on my material. I agreed immediately, knowing this would be a great way to share the ideas. He's now produced an eleven-part course with audio, graphics, and downloads. And for a limited time, he's offering the first lesson in Module 1 absolutely free. If you like it, you can buy the entire course from Scott for a very reasonable amount, with a 100% money-back guarantee.
This first free lesson lays the foundation for the following ten sessions. You'll learn:
* The three basic reasons people will book you. 
* The importance of determining your market.
* Finding prospects.
* The magic of getting started.
The course is completely mobile-compatible, so you can go through each lesson on your computer, tablet, or smartphone at your own pace. 
To gain free access to the first lesson in Module 1, click here for a three-minute video introduction by Scott and a link to the free lesson.
There's no risk -- because it's free!
If you're interested in getting more shows, don't miss the Quick Course on Booking Yourself.
Sammy Smith
P.S. While you're checking out the first lesson in Module 1, download Scott's free Pricing Mindmap -- a four-part formula for creating a performance fee structure. 
And if you sign up for the course, take advantage of the free 30-minute phone consultation with Scott. He's one of the best idea guys around!


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