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Magic Christmas Picture

Silly Billy

Attention all you fans of Silly Billy's Magic Party Picture!


Show a black and white drawing of a rooftop with reindeer and sleigh ready to land - except the sleigh is empty! No color, no Santa, no presents, oh no!

A volunteer picks several crayons and writes his name on the sign in front of the house, colors the reindeer's nose, and adds some smoke coming from the chimney. The child holds the picture while everyone says the magic words. When the picture is turned around, Santa and a sleigh full of presents - complete with a Christmas tree- appears, all magically colored with crayons!

Best of all - the child keeps the magic drawing as a souvenir of the show!

20 refills included with the purchase of the trick.

Or you may order refills only:

Pack of 20 refills for Silly Billy's MAGIC CHRISTMAS PICTURE. Printed on heavy, opaque 110# index stock in full color, this is a give-away item the child and his parents will keep because the volunteer helps create the magic and his/her own handwriting and artwork is a part of the picture.



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