SPS Magic

Color-Changing Shoelaces

David Ginn

Packs SmallPlays Big!
Ive used this great trick hundreds of times, and it never fails to get a good reaction from kid-show audiences.

I was going to wear my tennis shoes today, but last night I put them in the washer to get them clean and I poured in a little Jog detergent.
Jogits like Dash, but slower.
Anyway, I got my shoes clean, and then I put them in the dryer.
And when I opened the dryer door this morning, I discovered that they had melted!
And I was just left with this blue shoelace.
Kids tell you that its white.
Hmmm. Must have used too much bleach!
Well, it was a blue shoelace.
Run the white shoelace through your hand and it changes to blue.
The audience reacts favorably until its obvious youre concealing something in your hand.
Now, I know what youre thinking, you say, and as you open your hand, a red shoelace tumbles out!
But the white shoelace is right over here.
Reaching into your pocket, you remove the white shoelace.

A great trick. Easy to do.



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