SPS Magic

Book Worm

Selina Frederick

WOW! Check out this fantastic upgrade of one of our most popular items!

The NEW Book Worm is printed in beautiful colors on heavy, high-gloss boards. One of our favorite routines just got better!

A terrific educational effect which promotes reading and creates hysteria among children!

The performer shows a folder with a picture of a library on the front. Inside the library are books, a table and lamp for reading, and—oops!—no Bob the Book Worm! Maybe he's hiding behind some books.

Meantime, the folder is laid aside, and the performer shows five giant cards depicting different kinds of books and stories you can find at the library—fairy tales, history, adventure, geography, how-to books, and—wait!—there he is! Bob the Book Worm!

But Bob is a tricky fellow, and before you know it, he has disappeared and his card is completely blank. Where is he? The kids guess, you guess, but nobody can find him until he makes his surprise reappearance which leaves children hoarse and gasping as you and Bob the Book Worm take a bow.

Classic children's magic at its best, beautifully illustrated by Selina Frederick.



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