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The Funny Paper - Vol. 9, No. 3

SPS Magic

Articles in this issue include—

Jacki Manna: A Jacki of All Trades (Dennis Schick)
The Most Important Part of My Work Day (Gina Wollrabe)
Increase Your Holiday Bookings (Cynthia Keeler)
Live! -- The Man Eating Chicken (Bev Bergeron)
Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread (Pam Spence)
Comments to Audience (Harry's Hilarities)
The Birthday Boy (Dan Wolfe)
Christmas Fun (David Ginn)
Shoestring Marketing (Terry Parrett)
Theatrical Keys to Making Your Show Stronger (Norm Barnhart)
The Changing Face of Puppetry (Bob Conrad)
The Importance of an Online Calendar (Margaret Clauder)
Why I Do Kid Shows (Julian Franklin)
Shake Hands (Bruce "Charlie" Johnson)
The Earth Brothers (Samuel Patrick Smith)
What Makes Children Laugh (Kyle Peron)
Harry E. Cecil (Pictures From the Past)
It Works! (The Sammy-Gram)



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