SPS Magic

The Funny Paper - Vol. 9, No. 2

SPS Magic

Articles in this issue include—

Rusty Nails: a Clown of Inspiration (Gina Wollrabe)
Making Intentional Mistakes (Angel Ocasio)
Pull My String (Pam Spence)
My Guardian Angel (Dan Wolfe)
Outdoor Shows (David Ginn & Friends)
Time with Dizzy (Desirae Payne)
The Road Warrior (Terry Parrett)
The ABCs of MCs: N-O-P (Jeff Brown)
Keys to Magical Success (Norm Barnhart)
Animals in Your Show: Rodents (Carol Collins)
Selling in a Down Economy (Margaret Clauder)
Dealing with Interruptions (Angel Ocasio)
Producing a Phrase  (Bruce "Charlie" Johnson)
Giant and the Dwarf (Samuel Patrick Smith)
Helpers Times Two (Kyle Peron)
Using Visual Comedy in Kids Show Ventriloquism (Mark Wade)
Movement (Debbie O'Carroll)
The Great Escape (The Sammy-Gram)

and more!



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