SPS Magic

The Funny Paper - Vol. 9, No. 1

SPS Magic

Articles in this issue include—

Life & Laughter with Joe Lefler (Skip Way)
Folding my Stage & Stealing Away (Pam Spence)
An Evening at Sesame Street (Bob Conrad)
The Money Auction (David Ginn)
Emergency Entertainment (Desi Payne)
Cell Phone Cards Across (Terry Parrett)
The ABCs of MCs: KLM (Jeff Brown)
Assisting the Magician (Brenda Hahne)
Comedy Cell Phone (Norm Barnhart)
Animals in Your Show: Hedgehogs (Carol Collins)
The Church Show Puppet Routine (Margaret Clauder)
Don't Miss an Opportunity to be Funny (Angel Ocasio)
Remembering Felix Snipes (Samuel Patrick Smith)
Learning to Learn (Bruce "Charlie" Johnson)
Not That Different (Dan Wolfe)
Block Fish (Jim Kleefeld)
Taming the "Creepers"  (Kyle Peron)
Rehearsal Tips for Kidshow Performers (Mark Wade)
Taking a Bow (Debbie O'Carroll)
The Next Question (The Sammy-Gram)

and more!



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