SPS Magic

Out of My Hat

David Garrard

A Must for Your Magic Library! From the Inventor of Sketch-O-Magic!

Packed with 25 close-up routines and 20 stage tricks—plus routines for kids, tricks with miscellaneous objects, and tips and ideas for illusions.

In addition to his own magic, David includes magic by nine of his friends:

Fantasio, Mac King, Dan Garrett, Stephen Bargatze, Steve Marshall, James Hargrave, David Ginn, Tommy Ellison, and Dan Stapleton.

Learn David’s Signature Routines, including—

ATM: a signed bill vanishes from an envelope and appears in the card case!

Cards or Coins: the thoughtful magician always offers the spectator a choice!

Giant Cards Across: a cleaned-up handling of this classic.

Global Warming: David’s weather-themed take on the magic square.

 And much, much more! 250 large format pages printed on 80-pound gloss text. 

“Full of solid, practical thinking. A serious addition to my library.” —Teller

“David Garrard is one of the most knowledgeable and proficient magicians I know.” —Lance Burton

“David Garrard has taken simple techniques and by adding interesting premises and presentation turned them into real world performance pieces that can quickly and easily be added to almost any performance.”

—Brent Braun, creator of Torched and Restored and Position Impossible



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