SPS Magic

Crayon Magic Book

Jeff Brown

With contributions by Ron Dayton, Martin Gardner, Chuck Leach, Stacey MacKenzie, Billy McComb, Vanni Pul, James Swoger, and Hugh Turley, this new book shows you how to create colorful magic with ordinary crayons.

Jeff Brown, with a host of outstanding contributors, teaches lots of practical, amazing magic which is perfect for childrens shows and equally baffling for adults. These are tricks you can make at home very inexpensively.

Contents include Crayon Bucket, Crayon Pull, Crayon Vanishing Hank, Giant Expandable Crayon, McCombical Vanishing Crayons, Shrinking Crayons, Squirting Crayon, McCombs Vanishing Crayon Wand, Crayon Manipulation, Any Color You Name, Balancing Crayon, Classified Crayons, Swogers Color-changing Crayon, Color Epic, Color of Money, Colorful Thoughts, Crayon to Flowers, Crayon to Sand, Floating Crayon, and much, much more!



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