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The most practical egg bag on the market, and made to last for years. Show a cloth bag empty, then an egg appears inside. A volunteer confirms that it's in the bag, then the egg suddenly vanishes. You turn the bag inside out, but no egg. The egg then magically reappears in the bag. The egg continues to vanish and reappear while the bag is inspected by the volunteer each time.

Part of the Sammy Signatures line of SPS Magic, our beautifully sewn egg bags come with a wooden egg. As with other Signature items, this comes with Sammy Smith's complete, word-for-word routine printed in a nifty booklet.

*****************Out of stock.***************************************************************

"As I was preparing to leave for a Daycare show today, my order from SPS Magic arrived. Included in the box was the Tarbell Egg Bag that I had ordered. Upon a quick examination I realized that this was the nicest Egg Bag I had ever handled. I immediately packed it in place of my other Egg Bag in my performance case and headed to the show. Now that the show is over, I am fully persuaded that this is the best Egg Bag on the market. The inner-pocket is absolutely seamless against the pattern and the material is much easier to handle and nicer to look at than the flannel and flannel-like Tarbell bags that are currently in use.

Thanks so much for the Signature Collection!"

Jamie Doyle

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