SPS Magic

Five Minutes with a Pocket Handkerchief

Quentin Reynolds

Quentin Reynolds, a magician from Ireland, has developed a wonderful, magical, completely entertaining routine using only one large white handkerchief. He performs and teaches it in this easy-to-follow video.

All you need is a handkerchief and an audience to get tremendous results from these easy to learn tricks:

Stretching the Hank. Looks great! Show a small handkerchief and it visibly stretches to a much larger size!

The Stand-up Hank. The hank stands and falls on command.

The Dissolving Knot. A great visual method. Deliberately tie a knot in the hank, and it instantly vanishes.

Comedy Knot. You finally succeed in tying the knot, but a spectator quickly and magically dissolves it.

Flying Hank. The handkerchief jumps out of your hands and sails away.

The Animated Hank. Fold the hank into a little mouse which comes alive. Very funny and convincing.

Running time: 45 minutes.



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