SPS Magic

Acrobatic Fish Plus!


Kovari’s Kodology is available in a wonderful, improved model called Acrobatic Fish Plus!

You show a pole with three ropes dangling down. A fish is hanging from one of the end ropes. You will attempt to make the fish jump to the other end of the pole. Put it behind your back, and it comes out with the fish on the other end. A little fishy? Try it again, and the fish jumps back. Now the spectators want to see if the fish can jump to the middle rope! But right in front of their eyes, he does! And as the applause begins, two other fish suddenly appear dangling from the other ropes! (My son Austin is shown here with the finale to Acrobatic Fish Plus.) A great kicker and an all-around great trick. Made by George Robinson at Viking-Haenchen. 



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