SPS Magic

Komedy KidShow Konversations

Ginn, Smith, Taylor

What happens when three children's entertainers sit down for four hours and answer dozens of questions about comedy kid-shows? On a beautiful, clear October day in Southern California, David Ginn, Steve Taylor, and Sammy Smith answered questions and offered suggestions on making the business of entertaining children a successful venture. The day turned into a great brainstorming session, and thanks to some diligent editing, the result was four solid hours of insights. The best aspect of these recordings is the interaction among the three kid-show magicians. As Sammy says, "Two heads are better than one, and three heads is a real novelty!"

Disc One: PRODUCING Komedy Kid-Shows. Creating a Show • Structuring a Show • Writing Effective Patter • Trick Transitions • Developing a Performance Personality • Adapting Shows for Pre-Schoolers and Older Children • Tricks that Work for All Ages • Best Show Lengths • Favorite Kid-Show Tricks • Practicing and Rehearsing • What to Perform for Repeat Engagements.

Disc Two: PERFORMING Komedy Kid-Shows. Using Sound Systems • Lighting & Backdrops • Handling Nervousness • Warm-up Tricks • Increasing Applause • Controlling Kid-Show Audiences • Picking Cooperative Audience Volunteers • Handling Problem Children During Shows • Organizing Your Props • Setting Up • Dealing with Performance Mistakes • Including Live Animals • Animal Vanishes at the End of Shows.

Disc Three: PROMOTING Komedy Kid-Shows. Booking First Shows • Determining Your Fee • Free Show Requests • Yellow Page Ads  • Charging Travel Fees • Using Referrals • Flyers, Calls, and Visits • Timing Mailings • Who To Contact • Closing the Deal • Using Contracts • Taking Deposits • How to Begin Performing Full-Time • Practical Advice for Every Komedy Kid-Show Performer.



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